Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"Bluebeard had given her power to roam the entire chateau, except for one room which was always locked. When he had to leave on a voyage, he gave her all the keys to the household, including the key to the forbidden room. As soon as he was gone, she hastened to the room to see what was inside..."

This illustration is based on Charles Perrault's story of Bluebeard. I imagine the heroine as apprehensive and pale as she approaches her husband's hidden secrets.


  1. love black and white! great use of light!

  2. Kat! I like the halo thing going on especially all the creepy edge look of it!

  3. nice illustration Kat I love the lighting from the candle. Where are her keys?

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  5. The Bluebeard story is horrid!
    It is not for the faint or pale of heart, I can't imagine encountering such nightmare... it would leave me white! Wonderful drawing...